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About Mount Damavand


Mount Damavand, Iran's highest peaks at 5619 meters high which is located about 80 km northeast of Tehran in addition it is the largest volcanic mountain in Asia on the other hand Damavand is considered as the first National Natural Monument on 2008.

This unique volcanic mountain has a special place in the history of mythological poems and stories in many mythic and literary of Iran. There are four main routes to climb Mount Damavand, including the North, Northeast, South and West. The North route is the hardest and the southern is the easiest route. There are two ways to reach the shelter of northeast route, which is located at 4,320m. One route start from Gazaneh at 1,650m and the other one start from Nandal village at 2,300m. Northeast route is the most beautiful route to climb Mount Damavand from Nandal village where it is the longest and the most beautiful route to reach the summit and it takes usually about 8 to 10 hours to reach the hut. There is a challenging and rocky path to the summit from the hut and some paths have crossed the ice and snow, hence it is better to pass the mentioned passage with crampons.